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What does 3$$$ mean ? - Calculative Mind

 What does 3$$$ mean?

There are the different meaning of  <3.

What does 3$$$ mean?
  1. In the context of love.It means heart as well as it refers to I love you.
  2. Whereas it's spiritual meaning is mind body and spirit.
  3. In texting, there are any unique symbols like:
  4. Smile - :-) :) :] =).
  5. Sad- :-( :( :[ =(
  6. Tongue- :-P :-p :P =p.
  7. <3 emoticon means a heart. while </3 stands for a broken heart.It can be taken as simple meaning of 3.
What does 3$$$ mean ? - Calculative Mind

Here i have presented three top views of people from They are :-

What does 3$$$ mean?

When I saw this question. my gut reaction was that <3 is the emoticon for a heart.

 After seeing some of the other responses. 

I started to doubt my judgment. 

That I had been using the <3 emoji incorrectly for the past couple of years of my life.

What does 3$$$ mean?

In texting and chatting, <3 means heart or simply love.

 In texting, there are any unique symbols like:.

Smile - :-) :) :] =).

Sad- :-( :( :[ =(.

Tongue- :-P :-p :P =p.

Wink - ;) ;-).

Big smile - :-D :D =D.

Kiss - :-* :*.

Heart - <3.

Very happy - ^_^.

Moody One - -_-.

Curly lip - : 3.

Geek - 8-) 8) B) B-).

Cool - 8-| 8| B-|.

Thinking - :/ :-/ :\.

Confused - o.O O.o.

Robot- :|].

Any many more are there, it's just a glimpse.

Depending on where it was used/seen. In maths it means less than 3. however, in a text conversation that doesn't involve maths. 

It's a sideways love heart sent to show affection to someone. without using emojis which are sometimes charged as an MMS message.

Alternatively, it may be used when emojis aren't available such as on a basic cell phone. or a computer keyboard.

When you receive something you are unsure of. try looking at is sideways….

other examples are :) :0) for smiley faces ;0) ;). for a face winking :D for a laughing face either :0( :( for a sad face .These are some of the more common ones used.

What does 3$$$ mean?

< is the symbol for ‘less than’. I am not sure where you are seeing it. but if at a restaurant, grocery store, etc.

 It would mean that you are limited to “less than” three. (or, in whole numbers, TWO!). It would be interchangeable with the phrase MAX = 2.999999999. 

If it were to include three, the symbol would have another. - sign above it, meaning ‘less than or equal to’ . Hope that helps… And always obey!!.

What does 3$$$ mean?

<3 emoticon means a heart, while </3 stands for a broken heart. Does it really look like it? It’s like a :-). stands for a smile <*)))< for a fish and @)->— for a rose ;-).
Fortunately, I confirmed with a friend.

This emoticon has led to popular teen expressions. such as “I less than 3 you.” 

Of course. this isn’t too widely appreciate and tends to result in confused looks.

I suppose another way to look at this emoticon is this expression that.

 I found from the deep dark crevices of the internet.

Hope you guys find this article informative. 

Thank you very much for reading this informative article. 

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